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February 15 2012

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February 10 2012

August 05 2011

July 16 2011

June 16 2011

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May 13 2011

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May 03 2011

April 19 2011

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April 16 2011

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April 11 2011

great key hanger
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April 07 2011


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April 05 2011

Kems found @nikkigraziano’s foundfunctions

We are KEMS

Nikki Graziano, an R.I.T. student, photographer, and mathematician, has done a very cool series of prints using complex equations to explain the sensual undulations of the natural forms she comes across.

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how did he manage to write at this height?
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bold sheep
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April 03 2011

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March 30 2011

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